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Ahleesha Pachooli

i think i'm beautiful, and i hope you do too!

Name: Alicia! (uh-lee-sha!)
Age: 16!
Gender: i am a female! hear me roar!
Location: good old new hampshire...with all the granite...and cows...
Love Status: i'm as single as a....single thing
Nickname(if any): way too many... mostly leesh, ali, lee or lala?
:::Tell Me:::
Top 10 Favorite bands:
the smiths, weezer, pat benatar, blondie, queen, the bee gees, diana ross&the supremes, dashboard confessional, the shins, jefferson airplane. (i like a very wide variety!)
Top 5 Movies: donnie darko, holes, almost famous, amelie, a league of their own (also DISNEY MOVIES)
Top 3 Books: she's come undone, a clockwork orange, angela's ashes...gaaa i can't pick only 3! also 'Tis, emotionally weird and the perks of being a wallflower.
Favorite TV Show: family feud! that show amuses me. i also love that 70's show
Favorite Food(s): pistachio icecream. lasagna. indian food. mexican. pasta. mangoes. mmmm food.
Any skills or speacial things you can do: i'm a good runner. i love taking photos. i'm in photo class and it's so rewarding to take your own pictures, and watch them go from negatives to fully formed positive real photographs!! it's so cool to do this all in the dark room! i also love ceramics and painting and other art forms. i like beading. i love to dance, i dance kinda crazy...but i like it. i'm not an extremely talented person. i'm okay at things. i can speak some spanish. i can count to ten in german and french and spanish of course.  i am not supersmart, although i am intelligent. i am not breathtakingly gorgeous but i think i'm pretty and sometimes possibly beautiful.
:::How do you feel about:::
i'm pro-life. i myself could never do it. kill a baby? i wouldn't be able to live with myself.  I'm not going to bitch at you for doing it, but I won't agree with what you've done to something that was growing inside of you! I know there are some extreme cases though...and i guess if a girl was raped at age 12 and she would die if she had the child...what can you do? it's so difficult!!!
President Bush: honestly, i don't like the guy. i don't agree with the way he's running/ruining our country. however, i don't know everything about him, so i cannot say i hate him.
The War: i'm anti-war. no matter what. especially this war. it is so....shoot we just learned a word for this in english class! it's on the SAT vocab list! ummmm this war is based on SOPHISTRY!
Gay Marriage: i'm all for it. if you're a guy who likes girls or a guy who likes guys, that's cool. same for girls who like girls. i'm all for it. i personally am striaght, but i have friends who are gay/bi etc. and they are people too. anyone can marry anyone. it's no one else's business. so stop meddling!
Be honest! How do you feel about yourself: well i'm a 16 year old girl...so chances are that i can be a bit insecure at times. but i try to embrace myself and who i am and my body. i try to make myself feel good as much as i can. i like who i am and i try every day to become a better person. although sometimes i hate myself.
Post at least one pic of yourself:

 (i'm a crazy kid. my friends and i like to play dressup and dance to crazy oldies music sometimes. i know i'm weird, but that's ok. i have fun!)

(this is a bit more serious. i know i have a big nose, but my mother always tells me that big noses have more character. i am not perfect looking and i have flaws, but this is just me. no makeup, no photoshop; just me.)

(here i am trying to look cute! haha)


Post at least one pic of a friend or a pet:


(the coolest friends ever. they're the K's and i am the lone A! kaylie kayla katie. they are so BEAUTIFUL!)

(this is me on the right with my amazing friend valentine. she is french and she stayed with me for a month this summer. we had an amazing time. i am dressed oddly yet again because this was taken while we were in the process of making a movie with another friend.)

and a pet:

(don't ya love it? my beautiful cat pierre drinking from the toilet again!!)


wow i spent a lot of time on that...so please please please consider me! i would love to be a member of your beautiful community!


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