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Sometimes you don't feel beautiful!

But you will here!! Inside and out!!

4/11/05 08:43 pm - t8nt3dl0v3 - OpinionOnModeling.

My opinion on modeling is that it is a beautiful thing. I believe models are people I respect entirely, just because they are taking a huge risk. People judge models like crazy, and models need to be used to that. They have to stay positive while people are rude about their face, skin, hairstyle, body. Even though they are all very beautiful. Personally, I enjoy the look of the models from awhile ago, because they were more natural and their bodies could be like the average person and they didnt have to be tiny. But really, all models are beautiful and I have A LOT of respect for them...

4/11/05 03:06 pm - xno_sex_potx - Tell me..

I'd like you all to tell me what your opions on Modeling are your REAL ones whatever you feel about it..




P.S. If you still want to do the theme Jason(felixmccat) put up be my geust, but try to putitin soonish.

4/10/05 10:21 pm - finraziel2 - Sorry, guys.

I know this is the third time you've seen this x). <3 me still.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

4/10/05 06:00 pm - teafortwo_

i suck at keeping active in communities. sorry, but im leaving.

4/10/05 11:29 am - lost_interest

so i have decided i cant keep up with my firneds page, i cant keep up with anything that has been happening, so i am leaving the two communities i am in. if my life gets less chaotic, ill be back. well, to this one, i dont like the other one that much as it is.

4/9/05 05:09 pm - porkalator24

Everyone join ___statuesque!
Yeah, I'm really really computer retarded.. I'm trying to promote!!

4/9/05 12:55 pm - xno_sex_potx - For proof..join it!! hehe

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

..and don't worry I will start something! But..Help me!! lol

4/7/05 11:10 am - finraziel2 - Humph

I wish I wasn't a loser and owned some stuff from the early 1900's. Those would be fun pictures..

4/5/05 06:22 pm - felixmccat - Because Tracy told me to make this the new theme.

Early 1900's style clothes/ makeup/ pictures... you know... flappers, gangsters, swing dancers... that kinda stuff... That's back when people were classy

4/4/05 08:38 pm - xno_sex_potx - -blanks-

I'm sorry I haven't been thinking of things to do..but I seem to be drawing a blank..so if anyone can think of something to put up here be my geust!!!

Ok..uh just one thing though it CAN be themes for pictures (like digital ones) but I wouldn't be able to do it..but you guys can! Alright later.

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