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Sometimes you don't feel beautiful!

But you will here!! Inside and out!!

11/4/05 10:50 pm - doodle_methis - i think i'm beautiful, and i hope you do too!



4/23/05 08:00 pm - t8nt3dl0v3

wow... everything is falling apart... this kind of sucks.

4/23/05 02:43 am - finraziel2 - Signing Out

Hey. If/when the community gets active again, just let me know and I'll come right back. I didn't make all those banners for nothing. lol.

Cya. :)

4/21/05 07:52 pm - t8nt3dl0v3

Sorry... I was in Florida for a little while... but then I found out about a terrible accident with one of my friends. And then yesterday I found out that we lost her... so if i am not active for a little while, its because of whats going on.
And please, everyone... I never thought something like this would ever happen. So tell everyone you love, that you love them. You really don't know when you will loose them...

4/21/05 07:57 am - xno_sex_potx - Sorry...

Well..even though it already seems to be happening. I think u_r_gorgeous is dying..nobody updates nor do I with anything..and with the lack of a camera the only things I can do..is talk about shit. So..I geuss we can either just delete this community..or give it a break..until we figure out something else to talk about, or if I get a camer lol..buy me one?! lol Uh..ok well..later everyone and thank you for participating..


4/16/05 10:18 pm - finraziel2 - Another Promotion

Banner #76575638476...1

I appologize ahead of time.

4/16/05 12:37 pm - xno_sex_potx - Join!!!

Go for it!

4/12/05 03:30 pm - finraziel2

Uhm. After doing modeling for a while now I've seen how fun it can be. I think for the people that really want to do it it's an awesome opportunity to make something of yourself, and gain confidence and people skills at the same time. The only issue is that sometimes people stereotype it down to being a gang of perfect bitches who think they're so great just because they can pose. And that isn't it at all. Sure some of them are too self-centerted to see their own feet, but #1 posing is hard and painful as hell and #2 most of them make themselves look like that.
I guess I'm saying if it's treated the right way, modeling isn't half bad.

4/11/05 11:24 pm - porkalator24

Well for those who haven't heard, I was offered a modeling/acting job the other day.
I've had a couple days to decide what I wanted to do, and I decided....
Not to take it.
It's not the lifestyle I want. I don't really feel it's a good or bad thing. Just not for me.

4/11/05 09:58 pm - pepitotoxins - Newbie...

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