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Sometimes you don't feel beautiful!

But you will here!! Inside and out!!

You are my Beauty!
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This is a community for questions and maybe advice..someones always got an awnser..heh. OR fun like posting pictures, art, stories, whatever! FUN!
-No pics with cutting!..not a lot of people want to see that!
-No nude shit! Unless it's classy! Meaning covered up..!! Don't want to see..any..body parts!
-No racsist comments! I mean..real serious ones! Not..kidding ones but..try not to if you can.
-Use lj-cuts!! Takes up a lot of space! If you don't know it..ask someone!
-Age limit..is 13! I wouldn't want my 10yr old sister or brother reading things in here!
-Try to spell to where we can understand you! Please!
-You MUST respect the MOD! And EVERYONE!! Thank You..
-Don't comment on someones app until you're added..

..Think that will do..if I think of more..I'll be sure to post them.

Please fill out application must post it 3hrs after joining, we don't have all day!!

Love Status:
Nickname(if any):
:::Tell Me:::
Top 10 Favorite bands:
Top 5 Movies:
Top 3 Books:
Favorite TV Show:
Favorite Food(s):
Any skills or speacial things you can do:
:::How do you feel about:::
President Bush:
The War:
Gay Marriage:
Be honest! How do you feel about yourself:
Post at least one pic of yourself:
(if you don't have one..give a good description heh)
Post at least one pic of a friend or a pet:

*Try to help promote!! Not..required..but it'd be a BIG help!!*

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